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PONG for ComputerCraft. a guest Feb 22nd, 5, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! rawdownloadcloneembed reportprint Lua KB. --Vars. width, height = e(). i = 0. i_max = width *height. x = 1. y = 1. p1 = 0. p2 = 0. pad1 = (height/2). 19 Oct pastebin is a program available on all ComputerCraft systems since mod version It makes use of the http API to connect to, as the name implies, the Pastebin website (the script is hidden if said API is disabled in ). It can be used to either download and save scripts, run them on the fly. 25 Feb Download (> ) pastebin run 9MYVg4xd Download (pastebin run jP1qXpUX Older versions Spoiler Download (Version 4. Den Installer hab ich auch nochmal etwas ├╝berarbeitet, sodass er nur noch auf Tastatur Steuerung basiert. Das der Admin-Name gleich Label-Name ist habe zwar.

24 Sep Run multiple programs on a single monitor FeaturesSessions are saved for later reloadWindows can be moved and resizedWorks on standard and advance. 24 Jul talk is a very simple, serverless chat program. Any number of people can join the chat - so long as they're in range of each other! To run i. 12 Nov The file format has no compression, and is probably significantly larger than the actual file, but it is meant to be used with pastebin and not actually have to exist on a cc-computer. Now that we have that out Er um, remember what I was saying about ise() the other day? May be worth actually.

26 Mar Emulation in Computercraft (Fully working Assembler) What is ? is an older CPU running off an 8bit Assembly language, most commonly us. 24 Sep pastebin run Fm3xf6Z9 --or if using Opus OS, just type The first time you run the program, you must select a wrench. Place a wrench into the chest. Go to the supplies list and double-click the SelectAWrench item. Select the wrench and apply. EnderIO, Thermal. 1 Feb I personally stack lava cells in there and let 'er rip! My quarry's bottom profile will not be as flat as excavate's now, using this simple rectanguloid digger as my code base. Code is here: Download from in the turtle at the prompt like this: >pastebin get PAPDddcb quarry.


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