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Our kingdom ministry january 2011

Quick Links. Request a Bible Study · Find a Meeting · Find a Convention · What's New · Videos · Search · Help · Medical Information for Clinicians · Make a Donation to Our Worldwide Work · JW Broadcasting · Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY · Log In · JW Library · JW Library Sign Language · JW Language. As before, conductors may make use of the Bible, Our Kingdom Ministry, the Ministry School book, the Reasoning book, and other material related to the ministry. km 2/11 p. 3 - Kingdom Ministry— Schedule for Week of August 25 ( 5 occurrences). 10 min: Explaining the Kingdom​—Part 1. Talk by an elder based on. Download Our Kingdom Ministry. Used by Jehovah's Witnesses at their weekly Theocratic Ministry School, Service Meeting, and Congregation Bible Study.

5 min: Local announcements and appropriate Announcements from Our Kingdom Ministry. km 1/95 p. 2 - Kingdom Ministry— Service Meetings for January ( 15 occurrences). 5 min: Local announcements and appropriate Announcements from Our Kingdom Ministry. km 1/92 pp. - Kingdom Ministry — Set Your Heart on Spiritual Treasures ( 9 occurrences). They include (1) God's Kingdom, (2) our ministry, and (3) the precious truths found in his Word. ws17 June pp. - The Watchtower (Simplified)— See also the “Question Box” in Our Kingdom Ministry, April , page 2. ws18 March pp. - The Watchtower. Some publishers have used the Internet to obtain Bible studies in lands where our work is restricted or where there are few publishers. However, there are dangers when publishers participate in e-mail exchanges or chat room discussions with strangers. (See the July Our Kingdom Ministry, p. 3.) km 7/ 15 p.

km 10/11 p. 1 - Kingdom Ministry— A Provision for Christian Ministers ( 3 occurrences). The January issue of the Informant (now Our Kingdom Ministry) answered: “These assemblies are a part of Jehovah's Theocratic Organization for the conduct of his Kingdom service. km 8/10 p. 1 - Kingdom Ministry— Future articles in Our Kingdom Ministry will consider further valuable lessons that we can learn from other faithful prophets of Jehovah. km 4/13 p. 1 - Kingdom Ministry— Schedule for Week Discussion based on the January Our Kingdom Ministry, page 6. km 8/15 p. 3 - Kingdom Ministry— Announcements. View or download Our Kingdom Ministry, a monthly publication once used by Jehovah's Witnesses as part of their service meetings.


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